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  1. Octopus Man

From the recording Bones Are Forever

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(Octopus Man, Octopus Man
When there's all kinds of danger
He'll take the last stand!)

Somewhere in northern Vancouver
There lived a marine biologist -
His name was Stanley
He did what he could for the good of the creatures of the sea
Oh, but he wasn't like you and me
'Cause he fell in love with a beauty
Her name was Octavia
He was convinced that he was able to break down the barriers
And make Via happy, and make Via happy

But something went wrong
(It's not your fault!)
One stroke of lightning
And dear Stanley's heart
Came to a halt
For many long hours
One stroke of lightning...

(Octopus Man, Octopus Man!)

When Stanley awoke in the morning
The sun was already high
There was a change came upon him:
His world through octopus eyes
With more arms than two he was astounded by all he could do
It was amazing
'Octavia, I'm changing!
But where have you gone now, my dear?'
She left no sign
Except for her dreams
Now carried by Stanley inside his mind -

Something's begun
(You're so much stronger now!)
One stroke of lightning
(Octavia's heart!)
How do you know?
And how do you feel?
With one stroke of lightning
Fate becomes real...

An octopus hero
(It's hard to explain!)
One stroke of lightning
(No one's to blame!)
Curtains may rise
The tide always falls
How do you measure yourself
When all that you've known
And all that you've done
In one stroke of lightning
Can all become one?
We do what we can...
(Stanley you're braver now!)
Our dreams are yours,
Octopus Man!