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  1. The Moon

From the recording Bones Are Forever

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You stayed the night in my backyard,
With the toads
And the fireflies
You said that it'd be good to breathe the air
Instead of smoking haplessly with me

So I made you a bed
Of jack-pine needles and thread
You're only scared of the dark
When the moon sits right overhead

I stayed up late
On my own terms
Singing songs to the quiet sky
I knew the way once to your heart
It went something like a lullaby

But the moon doesn't lend
Her ideas for mending us
I'm only scared of the dark
When you call out my name

And you don't even know
Where these rifles have come from
All the beautiful words
Are now gone

I'm watching closely to perceive
My dear heart
Closing like an aphorism

So -

Harness and ladle,
With a pot on your head
As you turn 'round the corner
Oh, the moon -

She rides with you,
Keeping you
Oh, don't you pretend
That you'd love me like this
No, we'd never, ever begin to believe that!
It's rarely the bite
Of complications pending the night's coming
Though the small pressures
Lay down the needle in the hay

When the song is soft
You will find me
When the moon is right
I will find you...