1. Paper Doll

From the recording True Story Orchestra

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Paper Doll

But feathers round your neck
A node, a chip, a hole
Like sorry sacrifice you give and give
And do not take
Confessions of the angel I ran over with my shadow
I was too pretty, too loud
She was too heavy, and…

Like a hundred years of war
And no weapons, only mute
Castration, thorns, a crown you could not use, but deserved
A cloud is hanging over now
You can’t be tired of me yet, dear
I’ll scream better and louder
She will wilt, but…

BRIDGE: Something’s there
Holding back
Keeping you from letting go
Something’s there
Holding back
Keeping you from loving

CHORUS: What is she?
This paper doll
With a hundred years of experience
A cross to bear
A landmark of your sin that you’d rather forget
Hold down, hold down tight
We (You) are wasting our (your) time thinking (talking/singing) of her
But I cannot let her die
‘Cause I know deeper still I’ve been her

Another page is burned
And you throw out that killing stone
And memories fade to ash, to ashes just as I did once
Mother, you’re telling me to run and I really want to trust you
But he’s too pretty, too soft
Though she is looming, I…

I want to taste the blood and save the tears locked in my cage
Though pity fears run deep
I need to feel the wind of those wings
But I don’t mind forever ‘cause the chains don’t break that easily
I’ll be better and louder
She will fly, but…