1. Safe

From the recording True Story Orchestra

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All the ways I can’t deliver
I know I’ll be safe in your gaze
‘Cause all the pretty girls in the world they don’t matter now
Anyways, anyways…

Secretly I wish I’d known you
Before all the mistakes that I’ve made
But if it were so that I’d known you then
I’d be tied to give a reason why I’m safe here in your gaze

With every passing day I’m feeling too strong to fight
‘Cause when I’m with you, dear, it’s never wrong
But who’s right to say what happens now
That’s for fate to deliver
Only please do keep me safe

All the ways I wish I could love you more
But I’ll be bound by my ways
Maybe there will come a day when I find what I’m looking for
While I’m safe, while I’m safe in your gaze