From the recording True Story Orchestra

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A Little Harder

A little harder than you meant it to be
Forgot to compensate for velocity
Overstimulating sanctuary:
The relief from your listless and beastly beauty

A little louder now, your show has begun:
Feeling the walls for this audience of one
A captivating mess of solace and stun
All my bags have been packed since day one

BRIDGE: Our ghosts from yesterday
They’re the lucky ones, they’re the lucky ones
I never wanted it to be this way
But I’m dangerous enough -

CHORUS: Only with you, with you
What you forced me to do
All the thoughts I justified all true
Darling pray for us, stay with us
Keep me satisfied…

Stand alone and feel the ice at your back
Your critically protected home starts to crack
An undetermined vice is all that you lack
My divine sense is gradually fading to black…

BRIDGE: I was waiting for you yesterday
But you didn’t come, no – you didn’t come
I never wanted it to feel this way
But you made me what I am today

CHORUS: And it’s you, it’s you!
It’s a quarter to two
In the wee hours – lying here I misconstrue
All the knives you tossed, the lives we lost
And I’m not satisfied

BRIDGE: Aside from yesterday
You’re the only one, you’re the only one
I know you never mean what you say
But I’m holding on just one more day to you

CHORUS: And it’s you, it’s you
No, it can’t be true!
All the wailing – please, what are you gonna do?
Save the rest for us, blessed us
Keep me satisfied!