1. Old & Grey

From the recording True Story Orchestra

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Old and Grey

And so you say you’ve got a new love now
Well I don’t really mind, it’s nothing I’ve never had
But I can’t justify stepping out of your life
To be sure that we don’t cross lines

Honestly I couldn’t wish for a better life
And if we’d stayed together I’d be lost all the time
I hope to God she loves you like I never could
All the way ‘til you’re old and grey

CHORUS: You say maybe we can stay in touch ‘til we’re old and grey
And I say more likely this love we had will just fade away

All this time I’d think of you and smile
I know that I have come and gone but I’ve been back for awhile
What hurts me most of all was not what’s done but how it was said
Don’t pretend that’s not what you meant


BRIDGE: Through the years I’ve tried to redeem myself in your eyes
I guess it’s only fair that you should hurt me now
You’ve probably convinced yourself otherwise
But I will love you until I die
I’ll still love you…

I hardly think of myself as tough
But sometimes being friends is just not enough
And when it’s late at night will you lie awake and think of all the things that you’ll say
When you see me next