From the recording True Story Orchestra

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The Night (Encounters)

The night I almost saw you again:
Alarmed by what it possibly meant,
Stars up in the languid sky
Cried openly to wait
They were afraid for you and I

The night I buried my soul in earth:
I wished for more than what I was worth
And you, you did not mesmerize
You’re afraid of the night
You’re worth much more than you and I

Bits of ash are falling at your feet
Do you need a host to worship you now:
I will, I will
Where has your heart stumbled to this time?
Don’t you know your mind will take you so far?
I will, I will…

I carry your weight on my shoulder
Like for years it’s been done
I carry it down to the water
Where all the ashes do run
They do run, they do run…

The night I was compelled to forget:,
Oh, the night:
You could not possibly know
How I came upon your flame!
And so it goes,
And so it goes…