1. Rush About

From the recording True Story Orchestra

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Rush About

And you rush about
I’d never think to ask you for the time to hold my hand again
You’re telling me, you’re telling me the world has changed
And I won’t understand
But baby I’ve been watching all along
And you and I aren’t so different as it stands

Gone away with me
I don’t need your body just your mind
For sake of sanity please don’t tell me I’m good, just tell me I’m right
A picture of a perfect masochist is what I really am
Why else would I let you come so close?

C: It’s in the name of time
But somehow I’ll be stronger
Do I even know you?

Can you play with me
A little girl loves that little boy, who’s now a man
And she’s been left behind
A little wiser now, that little girl she cries to me
But I am shamed because you looked at me
Caught me staring right back at you
It’s a life, okay
I’m just doing my best with what’s been left behind…

C: And for the sake of time
I just might be stronger
Do I even know you anymore?

B: And through the course of time
Your face will fade away from me
And your voice will lose it secrecy
Though I won’t forget your honesty
When you said to me
“You’ll turn them all around, little girl…
…though I don’t suppose you know the way home?”

Come closer
You’ll find a lot of things have changed since I was young
And that old Achilles, he’s still kickin’ around here somewhere
It’s the atmosphere
Come face to face with the myth that surrounds you like a broken dream
Like the words you spoke when you left me:

C: “It’s all because of time”
But I’ll be stronger now
Do I even know you anymore?