From the recording True Story Orchestra

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The Little Things

And though he’s gone he will always remember you as the sweetest thing
But you’ll never know when he’s been sneaking his thoughts around your door
All of the time that you spent it means nothing to you, nothing to you

It may have been time but did you really need to find a weapon to destroy
All the things that he dreamt, all the things that you meant, all the things that he heard were not the same
And all those lies they were nothing for you, nothing for you

CHORUS: And don’t you tell me you did it all for us ‘cause I know that’s not true
I’ve come to realize it’s not the subtle things that move you
It’s the little things I see and the little things that you do
That make me think I’m not in love with you

And there was a time when it felt that true peace of mind, it came without a price
All of these stones that we laid we trusted would become a better world
But little you knew that was just life fooling you, fooling you

CHORUS: Up until today there was just one way to come, and one way back
And maybe we’re united by my need to pick up your slack
All those little things I do that you will never see
They let me know you’re not in love with me

CHORUS: All the little things I’ve been denying myself for so long
Have come to manifest themselves in the spirit of your song
It’s a little sad but I’ve got to stop ignoring what is true
That I’m losing you