Bones Are Forever Is Here - And So Is Our New Music Video

Hey guys!  Did you miss this last week??  BAF is now on sale, and to celebrate, here's the music video for the opening track, Underground.  

The opening track from Ainsley McNeaney's sophomore album Bones Are Forever.  Directed and designed by Daegan McNeaney and Ainsley McNeaney.  Filmed by Daegan McNeaney, with additional technical assistance by Alex Hofmann and Kyle Gray.  Shot in Freelton, ON in September 2014.  

The musicians on this track are: Ainsley McNeaney (piano, vocals, chorus, timpani, chimes, glockenspiel, vibraphone, tambourine, cymbals, gong, triangle, snare drum, bass drum), Marie-Pier Houle (flute), Marta Kosek (English horn), Julia Hambleton (clarinet), Catherine Magowan (bassoon), Tanya Charles (violin), Emily Eng (viola), Soohyun Nam (cello), David Gustilov (double bass), Jonas Feldman (trumpet), Brad Dickson (trombone), Jay Austin (French horn), Colin Edwards (chorus), Carlie Howell (chorus), Ashley Magwood (chorus), Ryan Rogerson (chorus), James Sutherland (chorus), Janet Sutherland (chorus) & Taylor Sutherland (chorus).

This video comes straight from my ventricles.


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