Guys, the time has come. I'm getting back onstage next Thursday, and it's gonna feel soooooo good. Supporting a fashion show by the talented Danniel Oickle. I'll be playing solo around 7:30pm, would love to see you.  Click on the picture for more info.  xx


Merry Xmas, friends!  

Honing the magic of the season, I break my radio silence to bring you glad tidings. My voice is on the mend, and although I'm not quite at the point yet where I can make definite plans, this is still very good news. I've been seeing an excellent ENT and a passionate and caring SLP at Montreal General, who have both been helping me immensely to heal. My last vocal cord scope on December 15th showed excellent progress, and I go back in a month for another check up. I will keep everyone in the loop!

This has been an exhilarating, challenging, devastating, eye-opening and delicately beautiful year. The build-up of the album's release coupled with the let-down of having a serious vocal injury and having to cancel everything was an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone. With the blessing of time passed and thus gained perspective, I won't tell you that I think it "happened for a reason" or some bullshit like that. But I will say that there's significant insight to be gained from any heavy experience, and I will carry on into 2015 smarter, tougher and braver than ever.

In the meantime, here's a little video that Todd Elsliger and I did at TFO's studio in Toronto for BRBR. Acoustic 'It's Coming On', I'm very proud. 

Wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing holiday season. Joyeuses fêtes à tous le monde!!


Fall Shows Postponed Due To Vocal Injury 

It seems like yesterday I was sitting here at my desk, excitedly typing away to announce the release of Bones Are Forever.  I come at you now from a slightly darker, albeit more introspective place, as it pains me to have to announce that I have been forced to postpone my upcoming shows in Montreal, Sherbrooke, Québec City, Ottawa and Sutton due to a vocal injury.

Feel free to reach out for the full story, but the short of it is this: I have been having issues with my vocal cords since September, although I was proceeding full steam ahead since the doctor I initially saw - who reluctantly wrote me a referral to see an ENT - told me that the symptoms I was experiencing should just go away on their own.  I finally had my appointment with the specialist on Friday and the diagnosis was vocal rest ASAP or else risk further, permanent damage.  I won't go into more detail here, but what that means is no singing, limited speaking and lots of rest over the next two months.

I am obviously devastated, and, if I may editorialise just a little bit, I feel like my heart has been hung out to dry.  I mean, come on - this is happening now?  On the heels of my album release??  I know that life isn't the balanced fairytale I used to think it was, but seriously...I teach people to use their voices in a healthy way, and you won't find a voice student of mine who wouldn't be able to tell you the benefits of a thorough warm-up and the pitfalls of vocal overuse, making my current situation just that much more ironic.  However, in the true spirit of indie music, I will not let this stop anything.  I will be reassessing with my team of wonderful, wonderful people this weekend to re-book the shows for late winter/early spring, and in the meantime, I will be focusing on promoting the album and videos online.  

I just want to thank everyone who has supported me so far in the release of Bones Are Forever, especially those handsome folks who came out to our Kingston, Toronto and Hamilton shows (which were so awesome, by the way, thus paining this announcement even further).  Anyone was has already purchased tickets for the upcoming shows will have their cards reimbursed this afternoon, although please allow up to a week for processing.

For now, I ask for nothing more than good healthy thoughts.  Oh, and maybe some sharing around of our official music videos for the songs UNDERGROUND and IT'S COMING ON.  ;)

Thank you so much for your understanding, and my greatest of apologies.  I'll get back to you soon.


Bones Are Forever Is Here - And So Is Our New Music Video 

Hey guys!  Did you miss this last week??  BAF is now on sale, and to celebrate, here's the music video for the opening track, Underground.  

The opening track from Ainsley McNeaney's sophomore album Bones Are Forever.  Directed and designed by Daegan McNeaney and Ainsley McNeaney.  Filmed by Daegan McNeaney, with additional technical assistance by Alex Hofmann and Kyle Gray.  Shot in Freelton, ON in September 2014.  

The musicians on this track are: Ainsley McNeaney (piano, vocals, chorus, timpani, chimes, glockenspiel, vibraphone, tambourine, cymbals, gong, triangle, snare drum, bass drum), Marie-Pier Houle (flute), Marta Kosek (English horn), Julia Hambleton (clarinet), Catherine Magowan (bassoon), Tanya Charles (violin), Emily Eng (viola), Soohyun Nam (cello), David Gustilov (double bass), Jonas Feldman (trumpet), Brad Dickson (trombone), Jay Austin (French horn), Colin Edwards (chorus), Carlie Howell (chorus), Ashley Magwood (chorus), Ryan Rogerson (chorus), James Sutherland (chorus), Janet Sutherland (chorus) & Taylor Sutherland (chorus).

This video comes straight from my ventricles.


This Weekend's Shows Postponed 

Hey guys,

With a bit of a heavy heart I have to announce that next weekend's shows in Ottawa and Sutton have both been postponed, due to last minute technical issues that were completely beyond our control. I am so sorry to all our friends and fans who were planning to spend their weekend with us - the loss is all ours, trust me!  

The good news is that we will be announcing the new dates soon, so please stay tuned and I promise I will give you news as soon as I have it.

Less than 24 hours before Bones Are Forever can become all yours!  See you tomorrow!!


Tour Dates 

Bones Are Forever Tour Dates - we're coming soon to a city near you!  At least, probably...  If you live in one of these lucky places.  And if not, please keep following this journey online, 'cause we've got more music videos, contests and giveaways happening as we count down to October 28th.

Click on the links below to snatch up your tickets today and for more info! 

Friday, October 31st - Ottawa, ON @ The Mercury Lounge
**Special BAF Tour Kick-Off Costume Party!**
Saturday, November 1st - Sutton, QC @ Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier
Thursday, November 6th - Kingston, ON @ The Clark Hall Pub
Friday, November 7th - Hamilton, ON @ The Baltimore House
Saturday, November 8th - Toronto, ON @ The Rivoli
Thursday, November 20th - Québec City, QC @ Café Babylone
Friday, November 21st - Sherbrooke, QC @ La Petite Boîte Noire
Saturday, November 29th - Montreal, QC @ Cabaret du Mile End
   **With full orchestra!**

Once again, I thank you all for your patience and support - this album is finally almost here.


It's Coming On Music Video 

It's finally here!  Download 'It's Coming On' FREE!

Video shot by Tyler Gibb:

Filmed in August 2014 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The musicians on this track are: Ainsley McNeaney (piano, vocals, percussion, accordion), Pierre Haché (drums), Marie-Pier Houle (flute), Nick Lavigne (bass), Corinna Rose (banjo -, Taylor Sutherland (vocals), Emily Eng (viola), Mike Field (trumpet) & Brad Dickson (trombone).

Special thanks to the cast of characters: Su Sokol & Tanya McNeil Morris (Underground), Cécile Olivier & Arnaud Lays (The Moon), Selina Mackie (On The Mountainside), Geoff Cronin (Honey), John McLeod (Octopus Man), Ken McMurray & Tannaz Doroudian (Zoe Vs. The Giant), Laurie Russell (Mulberry Disease), Cliff Makinson (Only Time), Stephanie Moore (The Robin's Egg Is Blue), Lisa Pietersma (Intro Royale), Clint Earle (Sleep Through The Night) & Elaine Jost (Bonemaker's Song).

Extra thanks to costume/prop designer Manu Hummel, Daniel Minsky, and my band for their assistance in putting this video together.  Thanks to Rémi Forget for getting us the heart monitor!

Special cameo appearances by Julien Sandiford on banjo and a wonderful group of friends!