BAF Thanks!! 

On this rainy Sunday, now that the first round of pre-ordered CDs are out, the new web site has been launched, the first music video has been shot, and I finally have a second to myself to breathe, I wanted to thank officially and publicly all of the wonderful people who made Bones Are Forever possible.  As many of you know, early last year, the band and I completed a very successful Indiegogo fundraising campaign.  I think often about how lucky we were to make our goal of $10,000 - but beyond the financial, what resounds today in my heart is how much support we were given.  Permission to go ahead and get creative, by over 150 people, is not something I took lightly.  When you receive your copy of Bones Are Forever, just know that all of you are each a huge part of this project.  And that I am forever grateful!

Serious thanks go to:

Alex Feige, Alex Hofmann, Alison Forster, Amanda Minsky, Amanda Pearse, Andrew Wickham, Ashish Kabir, Bonnie Echlin, Brandon Cunningham, Bri-anne Swan, Brice Armaing, Britt Winston, Bronie Minsky, Bruce Fauveau, Caitlyn Boyle, Cathryn Easterbrook & Tim Gall, Cécile Olivier, Chris Walroth, Christa Mercey, Christelle Pommé, Christina Della Rocca, Colette Lagacé, Conor O'Neil, Cynda Fleming, Cynthia Cheng, Cynthia Vaillant, Daegan McNeaney, Dan Minsky, Danielle & Andrew McCandless, Danielle Lyrette & Dan Dicaire, Dave Hermiston, David Boily, Dihua Wei, Eduardo Machado, Élaine Jost, Elaine Webb, Eldo Hildebrand, Elijah Baker, Elizabeth Spark, Emily Silbert, Eric Yen, Fiona Buttars, France Gonthier, François Paré, Gabrielle Lefort, Glenn Rubenstein, Glynnis McNeaney, Harold McNeaney, Heather Boyd, Heather Jamieson, Hollie Coutinho ,Irving, Isaac Horvath, Jackie Tamboer, James B. Nicholson, James Curtis-Welsh, Jamie Drake, Jason Bald, Jean-Eudes Haché, Jean-Luc Vilandré, Jeannette Zimmer, Jeff LeBlanc, John & Susan Shaw, John McLeod, Johnathon Olsen, Jonathan Benilan, Jonathan Plourde, Joshua Jamieson, Joshua Van Tassel, Kate Rogers, Kate Simpson ,Katharine McNair, Kathy MacLellan & John Nolan, Katie Rife, Ken McMurray, Kevin Westoby, Kia Williams, Kory Livingstone, Laura Chambers & Dan Morphy, Laura Spink, Laurence Auchère, Leisa Way, Leonardo Dell'Anno, Lily Salehi, Lisa DuVal, Lisa Linardatos, Louisa Haché, Manu Hummel, Maran Stern-Kubista, Mariana Bosch, Marie Gonthier, Marie McCormack, Marijo Bourgault, Marilyn Park, Marion Ait-Akkouche, Mary Thow, Max Desmarais, Melanie Gilbert, Mélika Fontaine, Michelle Thai, Michelle, Dylan & Abigail Juckes, Mike Smith, Mona Chanda, Nancy Zenger, Natasha Bood, Neale Kimmel, Neil & Derek Shaw, Nick Pang, Nicolas Cousineau, Nicolas Prod'homme/NPU, Oriane Dudit, Patricia Davidson, Patricia Mangat, Patrick Forget, Paul D'Auvergne, Paul Westlind, Pierre Haché, Rachel Mercer, Robin Kheng, Roland & Shirley Gallant, Romy Friedman, Rosalie Acutt, Ruth Farrugia & Clint Earle, Samantha Henley, Sandra Bohbot & Annie Elkaim, Sari Abelson, Selina Mackie, Shawn Key, Shelley Yokota, Sherri Weisz & Hoody Minsky, Solenn Galou, Stacey Brown, Stephane Joyce, Stephanie Moore, Steve Shuster, Su Grodecki-Heenan, Susan Easterbrook, Susan Sokol, Timothy Foulkes, Todd Elsliger, Tyler Greenleaf, Vik Sharma, Vivian Easterbrook, Yoel George, Yosef Frisch, Anonymous x19.


Sweet Summertime Cover Song Contest - EXTENDED!! 

Yes, that's correct - this is no longer a 'summer thing', this cover song contest has taken on a life of its own!  Comment here, on my Facebook Page, or just email me your suggestion of a song you want me to cover. 

Here's this week's selection - 'Bird On A Wire' by Leonard Cohen (who I admire oh-so-very much!) - suggested by Marcus Bernacci of Toronto, he who wins a Bones Are Forever advance copy plus some other fun merch!  

Call out for more suggestions, especially if I'm going to keep this thing going until the album is released (more on that later!).  If you already suggested song I haven't done yet, please feel free to either a) suggest another song, or b) suggest that song again so I know how badly you want to hear it.  Thanks to everyone who has already written in!



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