Sweet Summertime Cover Song Contest - EXTENDED!!

Yes, that's correct - this is no longer a 'summer thing', this cover song contest has taken on a life of its own!  Comment here, on my Facebook Page, or just email me your suggestion of a song you want me to cover. 

Here's this week's selection - 'Bird On A Wire' by Leonard Cohen (who I admire oh-so-very much!) - suggested by Marcus Bernacci of Toronto, he who wins a Bones Are Forever advance copy plus some other fun merch!  

Call out for more suggestions, especially if I'm going to keep this thing going until the album is released (more on that later!).  If you already suggested song I haven't done yet, please feel free to either a) suggest another song, or b) suggest that song again so I know how badly you want to hear it.  Thanks to everyone who has already written in!


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